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Revised: Several pictures of the April Fool's engine. This engine, Mărklin #3173, is a light-blue electric DB Class 120 engine produced in 1993. The story goes something like this. MIBA, a German model railroad magazine, featured this engine on it's cover in April of 1993. At the time, the DB was experimenting with various color schemes and demonstration trains to find out what the public would like, and this particular blue engine was one of the colors they were showing around the country at that time. As an April Fool's joke, MIBA's article indicated that Mărklin would be producing this model in a limited one-time series, knowing full well that this wasn't true. So the story goes, Marklin played a joke back on MIBA by actually producing it. Believe it if you want to (or not); at least it sounds good. And the engine looks good.

Revised: Several pictures of the Uhlenbrock/Modeltreno Intellibox (650) with a Märklin Keyboard, a Märklin Control 80f and a Märklin Interface all connected. The Märklin Interface has an Modellbahn Ott Infra Red Receiver and Controller connected to it. The Intellibox is connected to a computer and TPL is used to control trains from this program. Using the Intellibox with a Märklin (6036) Contol 80f allows you to control three engines at the same time. Setting the Marklin Keyboard allows me to set the Keyboard to a frequently set group of switches for fast setting. The Intellibox allows me to control all of my switches by setting groups of 8 switches at a time.

I have also added the Intellibox Remote Control unit (654) which connects to the main IB with a long (16 foot) cord allowing control of two more loks from almost any point on the layout. This is a great addition.

Revised: Several pictures of the three (yes, three) different Northlanders. The top and bottom Northlanders are the Märklin 3150 and Märklin 37500 sets. The middle is the relatively hard to find 1984 Schweiger model which was a Märklin 3129 Southern Pacific F7 painted in the Northlander livery colors. The latest Märklin Norhtlander "copies" the Schweiger engines. Also in this display case are three Coca Cola car sets. The two Coke freight cars on the left are from a special Swedish set, the cars in the middle are the four axle tank cars and the ones on the right are two axle cars. Above the Coke sets are two connected regional freight sets. The top shelf has one of the few Italian trains Märklin made. These include six Märklin 4063's and a Märklin 3035 FS E424 electic engine.

Revised: Two pictures, one of a display case which shows the Swedish Wooden Train set (Märklin 2670)with a Class D 101 and beneath it a similar engine (Märklin 3670) engine with extra cars. Beneath it is the King Ludwig set (Märklin 2680). At the bottom is the Primex Orient Express set (Primex 2701) with two . The second view shows the controls used to run the layout and some of the 11 other display cases that surround the layout. Some of these cases are seen below.

Revised: Two pictures of a case with prototypic engines. The set commemerating 750 years of Berlin (Märklin 3600) is displayed. It consists of the Borsig Mallet 03 (bottom shelf) and the 86 with an AEG electic 04. On the top shelf is the Borsig Mallet BR 53 2-6-8-0 (Märklin 3701), a fantastic engine to see. On the top of the display case is the Class E91 articulated (Märklin 3628), MHI lok. To the left above this display is the infra-red Modellbahn Ott receiver.

Revised: Two pictures of a case with commemerative cars Märklin Museum cars. The case also has Märklin truck sets. In the second picture the individual cars are more easily seen. In the second photo look for the Russian black tank car on the bottom shelf, second from the left. Many of the Museum Cars come with trucks.

Revised: Apicture of the display case with an assortment of special car sets. On the top shelf is a three car set of cafe or coffee cars. The next shelf has three cars commemerating the Anniversary of the Discovery of America. The rest of the cars are a miscellaneous assortment of special cars including one Märklin Magazine car.

Revised: Apicture of the display case with various special car sets. The top shelf has the Swiss Chocolates Cars set (Märklin 4489)with one additional car. On the shelf below is the Airlines Cars set (Märklin 4400F) and below, on the next shelf, is the Norwegian Chocolates Cars (Märklin 4484). The lowest shelf has the European Auto Cars set (Märklin 4400E) consisting of six cars. Along the bottom shelf are two Märklin truck sets.

Revised: Apicture of the display case with three German and one Swiss beer cars sets. Each set represents a different region with cars from different breweries in that region. a different brewery. One set represents only Stu On the shelf below is the Airlines Cars set (Märklin 4400A) are from Bavaria, (Märklin 4400B) are from Stuttgart, (Märklin 4400C) are Swiss brewery cars and (Märklin 4400D) are from the city of Bonn.

Revised: Apicture of the display case with the Swiss Astrology Set (Märklin 84416)of twelve cars, each representing a different astrological sign. This is a very colorful set and is somewhat rare.

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