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These pictures show the results of a water mishap in my kitchen which is unfortunately just above the family room below where my layout is located. The water spiget on the refrigerator is controlled by a micro-switch which failed during the night. For 8 hours water poured onto the kitchen floor and ultimately down unto the layout below. Between the layout and the kitchen WAS a cellulose tiled ceiling which became water-logged. It ultimately failed and fell onto the farm section of my layout creating the same effect as if a flood had swept through the farm. These picture show the results. Loks got wet, cars were broken, buildings were broken, and the farm section was destroyed.

I re-built the lumber yard, the village and the farm after a week of drying with commercial blowers and dehumidifiers.

The flooded basement.

The farm with parts of the ceiling tiles still resting on it.

The farm with parts of the ceiling tiles still resting on it.

The farm without the ceiling tiles still resting on it.

Looks just like a farm that was flooded.

The clean-up has yet to begin.

Buildings were toppled by the "flood".

The flooded barnyard.

One of the ICE trains was toppled.

The lumber train was toppled as well.

One of the TEE cars that fell from the upper level onto the farm-village section. Unfortunately one of these cars was the Waiter Car. I hope it continues to work when it dries.

The cleared and now dry table.

New tracks have been installed.

The lumber mill has been placed.

The completed restoration.

A view of the new farm.

The farmyard restored.

Another view of the farmyard restored.

The village street.

The station and the Gasthaus zum Adler.

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