Panoramic view of Göppingen showing the Marklin factory from the rear.

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Revised:A number of pictures of the Märklin Museum in Göppingen. There are pictures of the various displays. You can see the Northlander, the Amtrack Ice train and various other notable Märklin engines and cars. The display of the 1 gauge Adler is fantastic. The operating layout is great to see. No one should pass up an opportunity to visit the museum.

Revised:Several views of the Märklin factory. Anyone who tours the factory can only come away impressed with the care and attention given to the manufacture of each engine. The body of each engine is cast in a mold, then the body is painted but all details are added individual engine by individual engine. Many of the line details are actually painted by hand. Each engine is then assembled by hand, gear by gear, piston rod by piston rod. The engine is then tested on a layout that included K, M, and C tracks and switches. Watching a Z gauge engine with its motor and gears being assembled in extremely impressive. There are no pictures inside the factory for obvious reasons. I saw engines being assembled that have not even been advertised as yet. You are in for some nice colorful surprises. I have included three street scenes from Göppingen's main street.

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