The Hudson Valley Märklin Club Meet

February 17, 2001

Norbert Garbe's Layout

Here are some pictures of the February 17th HVMC Meet. If I have not correctly identified someone in a picture, e-mail me and I will correct the name(s).

Norbert's layout - project still in construction.

Norbert's layout illustrates good transition between two levels.

Norbert Garbe, our host for the day.

The layout uses K track with a Merkur roadbed.

Note on the bottom right that the rails have been weathered.

All signals solenoids are below ground level.

The bahnhof.

Remnants of smoke from Steve Neski's BR 01..

Tank cars that are part of a consist.

The tower.

Robert Frowenfeld, Tino, Peter Pastore, Scott Firestone, John Hagedorn, and George Rifkin watch Ron Rosenberg as he examines the Märklin goodies on the table.

Peter P, George, Chris Keuhn, and Steve Wischer.

Peter P, George and Sally, Norbert's wife, with their daughter, Chelsea, watch Steve Neski put smoke fluid into his new BR 01.

Norbert observing the action with his son, Christopher.

Ron Rosenberg, Richard Brode, George Rifkin and Norbert Garbe.

George, Norbert, Scott Siemers and his son.

The group is joined by Steve Wischer of J & D Hobbies.

Norbert holds an engine as Robert, Peter Economou and Ron examine it.

George, Peter P., Steve N., John H. and Norbert.

Norbert and Christopher watching the action.

John Hagedorn is a keen observer.

No doubt John is getting ideas for his great layout.

John and Norbert.

The layout from a different viewpoint.

Tino joins Steve and Norbert as he watches his V 200 run the rails.

John Lichtenberger, Richard Brode, Robert Frowenfeld, John Hagedorn., Peter Economou and George Rifkin join the group of observers.

Robert seems intent on seeing Steve Neski's BR 01 and Tino's V 200 perform.

John Lichtenberger and Scott Firestone watch the train action while Robert Frowenfeld, John Hagedorn and Peter Economou discuss the finer points of a Marklin lok.

Tino puts his V200 on the track.

Andrea, Steve Neski's daughter, does a great job running the layout. Steve has trained her well.

Tino at the controls watches his lok perform flawlessly.

Here comes the BR 01 with sound and smoke.

Here comes the BR 01 with sound and smoke.

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