The Hudson Valley Märklin Club Meet

January 6, 2007

Sean Fanelli's Layout

Here are some pictures of the January 6, 2007 HMVC Meet. Those in attendance were Robert Frowenfeld, Peter Economou, Bryan Adams, Scott Firestone, Mark Merclean, Ken Weinstein, George Rifkin, Fred Drenhouse, Lewis Damrauer, Michael Coll-Barth, Ron Rosenberg, Steve Brickel, Mark Paskus, Ed Shaw, Tino Pattigno, George Munkenbeck, Jay Barrington Jackson, Helmut Strauss, Alan Todd, Ralph Quinnonez, Anand Rangachari, and George Germek. If I have not correctly identified someone in a picture, e-mail me and I will correct the name(s).

HMVC members at the Sean Fanelli Layout
Tino, Ron and George chatting about things Märklin.
Michael intently watching a lok on the layout.
George, Tino, Mark, Bryan, Peter, and Scott.
Peter asks Mark a question as Bryan looks on.

George, Scott, and Michael

Thirty people attended this HMVC meeting.
George, Scott, and Michael.
Scott explains a point.
George listening.

George, Tino, Ron, and Mark.
Scott replacing the rubber tires on an MTH LIRR G5.
A view of the MTH LIRR G5 running on the floor. The group was more than impressed with its sound and performance with the help of Scott doing some maintenance on it.
Jay's son operating the G5 with an MTH remote.
George, Tino, and Ron chat about the Märklin lok.
Alan listens intently.
Michael and Sean agree on the price of a lok.
Mark explains a point to Peter.
Fred at lunch.
Helmut, Missy, my wife and the hostess, and Bryan in the kitchen.
Discussing the finer points of Märklin at lunch.
Ron, Anand, Steve and Alan pause for lunch but not from talking Märklin.
Alan, Ken, George and Tino enjoying lunch.
Tino enjoys the discussion with George.
Alan and Ken.
Ralph watches George open his "goodies".
George and Mark.
Peter, Jay, Tino, and George.
Bryan and Scott.
Peter and Annand
Mark, Lewis, and Alan.
Jay and his son and daughter and Bryan in the background.
Peter and Ralph look on as Mark examines a recent purchase from Robert.
Robert showing Jay the item he wants to purchase.
Bryan opens a lok set he just purchased.
Peter can believe what he and Mark have just heard from Ralph.
George carefully examines his latest purchase.
Robert and Fred.
Ken, Steve, and Mark.
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