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Several pictures and three videos of the MTH Pennsy GG1 electric in green livery. The pictures and videos show the engine pulling a consist of 60 foot aluminum Pullman passenger cars. The engine has a great sounds including motor, steam release, bell whistle, coupler take-up upon start, coupler release, braking sounds, cab chatter, and passenger station arrival and departure announcements. The pantographs go up and down according to direction. The rear panto according to direction is always up. The lights including green and red running lights change with direction. It is clearly the best MTH engine that I have. Smooth running, powerful, easy to control with DCS Proto 2 control. A must for any O gauge collector.

The GG1 was commissioned by the Pennsylvania Railroad to replace the PA 5 electrics which had to be double-headed to pull the normal 12 -14 passgenger car consists. The first one (road number 4800) was built in 1934 with a 2-C+C-2 (4-6-6-4) design. In the following year 57 were built. A total of 139 units (#4800 through #4938)were built between the years 1934 and 1943 at the Juniata Locomotive Shop in Altoona, PA. The orginal livery changed over the years from Brunswick green to Tuscan red in 1952 with 10 GG1's painted in that livery.
(See my other MTH GG1 in Tuscan red.) In 1955 three were painted in a Sliver livery.

The MTH lok road number 4919 was among 18 GG1's built in 1942 at a cost of $250,000 each. This lok has the traditional Brunswick green livery which is defined as 8 parts black and 1 part green. A lok worth having.

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Revised: Several pictures of my visit to the Central Operating Lines Ltd. Model Railroad Club located in Ronkonkoma, Long Island, New York. Its members run primarily MTH trains with some Lionel engines and cars on this fantastic layout. There are about fifty members who built and maintain the layout. The pictures show several MTH engines including several Union Pacific diesels running in tandem, and two NYC Hudsons. These are all ProtoSound engines.

One of the members had two digital Lionel engines running, the Big Boy and the more detailed Challenger. They were great to see and hear. A Weaver K-4 Pennsy engine was also on the layout.

Well worth the visit.

Click here to visit the Central Operating Lines, Ltd. site

Revised: Several pictures of the MTH Pennsy K4 steam engine. The pictures show the engine assembling a series of Madison 70' passenger cars. The engine has a great sounding whistle and bell. It has realistic smoke. It has ProtoSound which includes announcements that the Federal has arrived on Track 1, station sounds and a call, "All Aboard." The last car is a platform car.

Revised: Several pictures of the MTH West Virginia Paper and Pulp four truck Shay. This engine is fantastic to see and hear. It has vertical action pistons and on its right side, a drive shaft the length of the engine and tender. The engine has ProtoSound which, when activated, lets you hear an idling steam engine with periodic pressure releases, lumber yard sounds including a buzz saw, whistles, and an automatic engine start with a realistic warning bell. It, of course, smokes enough to set off my smoke-alarms.

Revised: The Pennsy GG1 looks very realistic. It has ProtoSound which announces that the Federal has arrived. Their are stations sounds, conductors and porters calling out, an all-aboard announcement, closing doors and a warning bell followed by an automatic start. The engine pulls 6 passenger cars with little problem. The horn sounds just like a GG1 approaching a gate crossing.

Revised: The Pennsy Baldwin AS-616 diesel engine pulling a consist of freight cars. This is the first MTH engine that I saw but it was what I heard that attracted me to the engine. As the engine idles in a yard there is cab chatter between the yard and the cab. When you activate the Protosound in this engine there are conversations with the yard. The engine has realistic diesel smoke. The engine has a typical Baldwin horn sound.

Revised: The New York Central Empire State Express is pulled by a streamlined Hudson steam engine with Protosounds that announce the arrival and departure of the Empire State, station sounds and an automatic bell and start-up cycle. The engine pulls seven aluminum passenger cars which include a diner car, a baggage car, and a rounded end car.

More pictures to come.