Pictures of the Georgetown Loop,the Leadville Colorado & Southern, Royal Gorge Railways

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Pictures of Georgetown Loop Railroad, a privately operated narrow gauge railroad for excursions from May to September. The railroad originates at its terminal station in Old Georgetown, Colorado (Devil's Gate), which is 50 miles west of Denver just off Interstate 70. Silver Plume is only 2 miles from Old Georgetown but the route is 4 1/2 miles because of the need for many switchbacks. These allow the train to rise 600 feet since Silver Plume, Colorado is at a 600 ft. higher elevation. The round trip ride takes 1 hour and 10 minutes. The route is along a single track (tracks are 3 ft wide) with plenty of switchbacks. The route takes you through a beautiful forest with great views of the surrounding mountains. The engine is an oil-fired shay. It pulls the consist up and down but it faces the same way up and down. The cars are both open and closed. Ride in the open cars. A trip well worth taking.


Pictures of Leadville Colorado and Southern Railroad, a privately operated railroad for excursions only from May to September. The railroad originates at its terminal station in Leadville, Colorado. The route rises almost 800 feet on its 20 mile route. The route is alone a single track toward Copper Mountain. The routes takes you along a ridge with an extraordinary view of the valley below. The Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railway still follows the headwaters of the Arkansas River up to a spectacular view of Fremont Pass, then back down to French Gulch Water Tower, where the train stops to view Mount Elbert, Colorado's highest snowcapped peak, wildflowers and the scenic beauty of Colorado. The diesel lok pushes the consist up the mountain and pulls it back down. I rode in the cab on the way down.


Pictures of Royal Gorge Railroad, a privately operated railroad in Cañon City, Colorado. The railroad originates at its terminal station in Cañ City, travels along the scenic Arkansas River gorge to the Royal Gorge Bridge and returns to the station. The Royal Gorge Bridge is the highest and longest suspension bridge in the United States. The ride is two hours over 24 miles of track. After the train ride, it is worth going to the bridge by car and crossing it by foot or car. The AB locomotives are F-7 diesel electrics. You can ride in the cab. See my pictures from the cab.

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