All of the pictures and videos in the links below were taken in late July - early August 2008 while my wife and I were on a Scandinavian/Baltic Sea cruise. Whenever the opportunity presented itself, I looked for a train station or a train excursion. We visited eight countries in sixteen days. While the focus was anything but train watching, I did succeed in getting some interesting pictures of trains that I had never seen before. Tallin in Estonia was a good example. I also saw two unusual trains while in Berlin, a vintage DR VT 175 (DR VT 18.16 or DB 675) and a current Class 180 pulling the Berlin-Warsaw Express. I also took a vintage steam train excursion in Arhus, Denmark.

As the guides said throughout our tour, "Have a look!"


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Revised: Pictures of an old steam train in Arhus, Denmark. We took a steam train excursion on a lok that is younger than it looks. It was built in Arhus in 1949 and is used for this daily excursion. I was able to take pictures inside the cab which was quite small and very hot.

Revised: Pictures of several Estonian trains in Tallin. I was able to make a quick visit to the station at Tallin. The steam lok is on a special display track. The loks were certainly different and unlike any lok that I have seen.

Revised: Pictures of trains in Helsinki train station. I didn't have much time to take pictures but I did get these few.

Revised: Pictures of trians in the Central Station in Stockholm. There were a wide variety of loks and coaches in the station.

Revised: Pictures of trains in the Copenhagen Central Station and in the Elsinore/Helsingør Station.

Revised: Pictures and video of trains in Malmo, Sweden. My wife and I took a train from Copenhagen to Mamö. In the yards, ourside the Malmö station, I got pictures of a variety of SJ loks and coaches.

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