Pictures taken by a DB train driver. These pictures show you views that Mark Keßler, a DB train driver, sees as he passes other trains or passes through stations during the day and at night. Mark's agency is Nuremberg. The routes he drives include Passau, Munich, Salzburg, Frankfurt, Hannover and Mainz. The loks he drives include the BR 101, 103, 110, 111, 120, 139, 140, 182, 401, 402, 411/415 and 1016/1116 ÖBB (Austria). More pictures to come. Other drivers are invited to send photos and I will add them to these.

Mark is also a Märklin collector of Epoch IV and V and, of course, the loks he drives. Mark carries his job home with him to his layout. He creates a timetable for a consist which he decides to create. He begins by finding an available lok on one of his sidings, brings it to the track where the consist is and begins a timed route. As the consist follows its predetermined route Mark pays particular attention to the correct operation of signals and and makes sure that signal aspects are correct and true to the DB rules. That attention to detail comes in part from his father who worked in a switch tower until he retired. Now he works with Mark as on the two "specialists" who built and drive consists on this layout.

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The train driver in uniform.

The train driver in the cab of a BR 103.

Inside the cab of a BR 103.

BR 103 in Stuttgart at night.

Passing the station at Gemünden heading east into the sunrise.

Passing another BR 103 near Neustadt Aisch.

A BR 403 at Nürnberg at sunrise.

Approaching the Frankfurt depot at night.

Diesel loks near Neukirchen.

Heading west, München in the evening.

Munchen at sunrise.

Nürnberg depot after a snowfall.

Sunset at the Nürnberg Hbf, a view out of an ICE BR 401.

In a morning mist, the station at Gaildorf West.

Passing an Austrian (ÖBB) 1016 in Passau.

What you see at night when a BR 401 passes you at 250 km/h.

Mark in the cab of a BR 401.

The cab of an ÖBB 1116.

Mark in the cab of an ÖBB 1116.

Rebuilding a switch at Gemüden.

Rebuilding the right track at Heighenbrüchen Laufach.

Snowblower near Münchberg.

View of the Nürnberg terminal from a BR110.

The terminal at Nürnberg.

An EC 25 at Neüstadt-Aisch.

Hackerbrücke at night.

Passing an ICE T at Treüchtlingen.

Rebuilding the track at Otting-Fünfstetten.

Tree branches on the tracks after a summer storm in Sünching.

Repairing the catenary after a storm in Sünching.

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